Interactive presentations at trade fairs

  • MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-Messe01

    Multitouch app with 3D interface

  • Multitouch Tables und Multiuser Tische für Interaktive Touchscreens

    Multitouch terminals at trade fair

  • AGVS_Pumpe_07

    Visitor contest with touchscreen and bluetooth connection

Kiosk terminals and multitouch installations made with the MMB multimedia software are predestinated for trade fairs, events, exhibitions and roadshows. Teaser and screensaver animations attract visitors – intuitive touch interactions engage customers and multimedia based contents lead to lasting impressions. Last but not least – potential customers enter their contact data to receive more information via web presentations.

Interactive information at trade fairs

  • Digital reception desk terminals for check-in and registration

  • Multimedia based info systems for visitors and guests

  • Multitouch tables and touch screens with multimedia information

  • Interactive show acts on large screens in ultra high definition

  • Stand design incorporating interactive tables, walls and objects