Multi media in museums and at exhibitions

  • Selfiemat-Natmus-Fotomat-Museum

    Selfie photo booth in historic photo exhibition

  • MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-Public03

    Virtual tour in exhibition

  • Ausstellung-Infoscreen-MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-Museum02

    Info screen for visitor guidance in museum

  • MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-Museum1

    Multitouch wall with interactive user experience

MMB touch screens as multimedia guides in exhibitions, museums, art galleries, roadshows, technology parks, science centers and in public space. Permanently installed or as mobile guides these multimedia terminals offer an additional dimension to the user experience. As a part of the exhibition itself or as additional information on stationary or mobile devices they open new potentials for information, education and action, like selfie-box or virtual photo booth. In addition the Multimedia Browser technology allows to publish purely virtual exhibitions, available as websites or apps. For example to make art collections or science knowledge available to the public.

Multimedia visitor interactions

  • Multimedia guidance for art, technology, science and society

  • Info points for multimedia support and explanation

  • Photo booth terminals with collage function and social media sharing

  • Interactive multitouch experiences for visitors

  • Interactive visitor information like schedules and directories

  • Multimedia and interaction as a part of exhibition and exhibits

  • Playful learning with interactive installations end exhibits

  • Mobile guidance with visitor tablets and headsets

  • Virtual museums and exhibitions as terminals, websites or apps

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