Interactive customer information in retail trade and malls

  • MMB-POS-Terminal-Kiosk-Software

    Interactive touch screen terminals with shopping apps

  • MMB_Touch-Szene-Panele-00

    Kiosk solutions with flexible layouts

  • MMB-POS-Terminal-Touchscreen-Retail

    Point of sale displays with touch interaction

  • Promotion-Gewinnspiel-MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-POS03

    Sales promotion with prize draw on touch terminal

The MMB point of sale software offers new opportunities for sales promotion, customer relationship, shop design, stock management and e-commerce in retail stores and shopping malls. For example with 24 hour shopping terminals, self-service product and stock research, digital photo booth terminals for style check and social media viral effects. At the end of the day, touchscreens at the POS lead to new customer experiences and more turn-over.

Interactive sales-drivers in retail business

  • Customer terminals with registration and self-administration of loyality cards

  • Shop windows with touch screens and touch apps for customer attraction

  • Sales promotion with playful promotions and prize draws

  • 24 hour shopping with interactive e-commerce terminals

  • e-commerce in retail stores with shopping cart, product reservations and ePayment

  • Interactive product finder with store and stock search

  • Space saving product presentation with product comparison

  • Self-service terminals for specialist stores like pharmacies, electronic stores

  • Social media viral integration with touch kiosks at the point of sale

  • Photo booth for style check and selfies from the point of sale