Interactive Bulletin Board

  • MMB Infoscreen für interne Kommunikation

    Bulletin board for visitors and employees

  • MMB digitale Infowand für Unternehmen

    Interactive info screen with visitor information

  • MMB Digtales Schwarzes Brett für Mitarbeiterinformation

    Touch terminal with staff information

  • Interaktive Plantafeln und Shopfloor Boards

    Interactive shop floor boards

  • MMB Shopfloor Information Infoscreen

    Interactive shop floor boards

The Multimedia Browser wall is an interactive bulletin board with information, documents, media files, operational plans, productivity monitoring, production data and important notes. Placed at neuralgic spots, it can improve internal communication, everyday collaboration and overall compliance. Especially for production staff without permanent access to computers or networks.

Interactive Bulletin boards

  • Up-to-date staff information in entrance area

  • Display of operational plans, shift shedules and productivity data

  • Information walls in office buildings, industrial facilities, campus

  • Better compliance in production environment through better information

  • Shopfloor management information and meetings

Seamless integration

MMB Grafik Info Hub

Flexible layouts and contents

Digital bulletin board

Digital bulletin board for companies with interactive pinwall, signage and operational data.

Interactive bulletin board

Interactive bulletin board with digital pin boards, site plans and resource planning

Digital employee information

Place-saving digital bulletin board with emplayee information, animated menus, auto-running news and many interactive modules.

Resort and tourism wall

Multi-functional bulletin board for hotels, resorts, point of intrest and touristic destinations.