Touch displays and tablets for hospitality and catering

  • MMB-Concierge-Hotel-Reception-Terminal

    Virtual concierge terminal at reception desk

  • MMB-Suite-Pad-Hotel-Tablet

    Digital guest directory on room tablet

  • MMB-Hotel-Room-Tablet-Guest-Pad

    Suite pad for hotel guests and visitors

  • MMB_Touch-Anwendungen-Gastro1

    Interactive menu on touch screen terminals with order and payment

The MMB kiosk and tablet solutions allows to create, manage and implement digital reception terminals, virtual guest directories, interactive menus and animated signage screen with one single software. Including personalization by room or customer group. Including product presentation and electronic payment. Including multimedia contents, web kiosk and concierge services.

Interactive guest information

  • Interactive guest information in lobby and rooms

  • Virtual guest directory on hotel room tablets

  • Tablets and info screens with interactive menu

  • Self-service terminals for ordering and payment

  • New catering experiences like interatively creating drinks or pizzas

  • Photo booth and selfie terminals for personal greeting cards